Conservative MP Snorted Cocaine off Hooker’s Breasts?

Probably not, but it would be a step up from what the Conservatives are really like.

The MP in question is Helena Guergis who was kicked out of cabinet by Harper last year based on ‘serious allegations.’  Those allegations were not brought to light until now:

not only does Helena tolerate Jaffer [her former Conservative MP husband] hanging out with, with escorts, and prostitutes, but there’s apparently video of her snorting cocaine off the breasts of a prostitute.”

There are two things to note here: one, that Harper acted swiftly and fired her as soon as he heard the allegations; and two, these allegations were not supported by any hard evidence, so she may be innocent (though even if true, she wasn’t hurting anyone, so I don’t think she’s ‘guilty’ either way).

Anyways, this is going to be a big deal.  People will accuse the Conservatives of either being coke-snorting sex-fiends, or of railroading an innocent woman based on unfounded accusations.  Either way, it isn’t going to help their falling poll numbers.

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