RCMP Investigating Tony Clement’s Misappropriation of G8 Funds

The Auditor General’s final G8 spending report showed that $50 million dollars which was requested to improve ‘border infrastructure’ was instead used as a pork barrel fund in the Muskoka riding of Now Treasury Board President Tony Clement, which lies a mere 300 kms away from the border.

A former Liberal MP, Marlene Jennings, called the RCMP during the election to accuse the Conservatives of misappropriation, based on the draft reports that had been leaked at the time.

The final report used slightly less scandalous wording, but kept the accusation in place.  As described by the CBC:

John Wiersema, the acting auditor general, said the word “misinformed” was deleted from the final report because auditors found no evidence the government was trying to deliberately mislead Parliament. Rather, he said it appeared the government had been motivated by “expediency.”

“Having said all that, going to Parliament requesting money for one thing and using it for something else is a serious matter which we think deserves parliamentary attention,” Wiersema told a news conference after releasing the final report.

Now that the full report has come out, Jennings was contacted by the RCMP for an interview, and was told that the case was being handled by, “‘A’ Division Commercial Crime Section.

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