John Barrowman at Fan Expo 2012

Five minutes before John Barrowman’s Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2012 began, he poked his head through the curtain he was waiting behind and stuck his tongue out at the audience.  That pretty much set the tone for the next hour.

Barrowman had his fans in hysterics, showing just the theatricality and lack of restraint you’d expect from the man that plays Jack Harkness on the BBC’s Torchwood.  For instance, below you will find a clip of the story he told about the awkward lap dance he had received from a stripper while in Toronto.

When the inevitable question about Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary came up, Barrowman was asked how he thinks his character could be reunited with the new Doctor.  Barrowman suggested the he could either go back in time to find Jack chained up somewhere, or into the future to see how he became the Face of Boh (Incidentally, while strongly suggested, it was never absolutely confirmed that Jack and Boh are one in the same).  He then said that David Tennant was ‘his’ Doctor, and that he is also known as David ‘Ten Inch.’

He then talked about writing collaborations with his sister, and how he was able to use the book offers he was getting to make her dream of being a professional author come true.  Barrowman also mentioned that they had sold the TV rights to their novel Hollow Earth.

About the only time John Barrowman got serious was when talking about his being gay, the discrimination he faced in his career, and his decision to be out and honest about who he is.

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