Blu Ray Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Bandai Entertainment






If you could go back in time, would you kill Hitler before the holocaust, or would you get the pudding cup that your little sister ate before you got a chance to.

For Makoto Konno, her new found ability to leap backwards in time, is an opportunity to avoid embarrassments, and minor inconveniences.  She redoes a failed test, she avoids a cooking accident, and she extends her time at karaoke.

Mokoto is immature.  As the film opens, she and her two male friends are nearing the end of high school and are faced with having to make choices about their future.  Makoto’s ability to leap (and it is literally ‘leaping,’ as she has to get a running start and jump into the air to do it) backwards in time is a physical manifestation of her emotional inability to move forward.

This is brought in to focus as one of her male friends, Chiaki, asks her out.  She leaps back in time, over and over again, trying to change the course of the conversation to avoid the question ever being asked, but finds that no simple task — Chiaki is intent on moving forward, even if she isn’t.

Her desperation to avoid leaping forward in life leads her to continuously change the past, which causes unintended ripples that themselves need changing.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a sweet sci-fi movie that uses it’s magical conceit to tell a character based story.

The animation is good for a non-Ghibli anime.  Character movement is fluid, and people in the background move, but the character designs are simple, and sets are rather sparse.

The Blu Ray was produced by Bandai Entertainment.  The film is presented with the original Japanese credits / title screens.  The video is good, with solid colors and no trace of encoding problems, but it just seems one notch short of HD.  It’s just a little less vibrant than it should be.

The extras are included on a DVD and consist of storyboards for the whole movie, a commentary with the directors, and another with the cast, interviews, premier event video, etc.

All and all, it’s a delightful movie; that rare combination of entertainment and depth.  This Blu Ray is a worthy presentation of a great movie.


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