Blu Ray Review: Being Human Season Three

Being Human Season Three







The vampire Mitchell, werewolves George and Nina, and ghost Annie escape the death and terror of Bristol for the relative calm of Berry Island, Wales.  But as they soon find out, it’s not easy to run away from your problems; especially the ones you make for yourself.

George has grown up considerably by this point in the series.  At the beginning he was frantic and nervous, and deathly afraid of himself.  In series three, he’s developed a ritual to handle his werewolf times, and has settled into his upcoming role as a father.  He doesn’t have a huge role in this series, but what parts he has are devoted to his asserting control over himself and his situation.  In one episode, he confronts the parents whom he hasn’t seen since his transformation, and takes it upon himself to correct the damage that his disappearance caused.

Annie begins series three in purgatory, and soon begins a love affair with Mitchel that borders on the obsessive.  In series one and two, she was visible to outsiders (for a time, anyways); in series three she isn’t, and has become much more insular as a result.  Granted, the setting of Berry provides little interaction with neighbors, but it still seems like her character has regressed (I don’t mean that in a ‘bad writing’ sort of way, it’s character development regardless of which direction it’s going in).  She doesn’t seem to mind the lack of outside interaction as much as she once did.  Perhaps being in purgatory made her appreciate what she had, or else she just settled.  Maybe her love for Mitchell is an office hot phenomena.

Mitchell is probably the most interesting character this season, and is the focus of its main plot line.  Mitchell is an addict.  What’s refreshing is that, unlike reformed vampires in other shows, he really doesn’t want to change.  He knows what he does is bad, and that he and everyone he loves would be better off if he stopped, but at the end of the day, he just likes it more than he cares about himself or others.  After receiving a prophesy that he will be killed, he becomes obsessed with finding away to beat it, just as he fights so hard to hide his guilt for the box tunnel massacre that sent him running to Berry in the first place.  It’s the classic case of being sorry that he was caught, rather than sorry for anything he did.

Aiden Turner, who plays Mitchell, won’t be back for season four (he’s playing a Dwarf in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies).  Which sets up an interesting dynamic for the next season.  Losing their inside man in the vampire circuit will make things complicated for the remaining characters, especially as it was alluded to in this season that Mitchell’s friendship is what kept other vampires at bay.

Series creator Toby Whithouse has promised some new characters in season four, it will be interesting to see how they can join the fractured cast of characters that’s left.

The Blu Rays are nice.  There’s nothing bad to speak of, except a few skipable trailers.  Audio is only in stereo, but the video is verygreat, probably shot with an HD digital camera.  Extras include interviews, deleted scenes, and a set tour.