Blu Ray Review: Gundam Unicorn Volume Two


Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unicorn

Volume Two

Bandai Visual




At the end of episode one, Banhager Links was given the Gundam Unicorm by his father.  The station he was on, Industrial 7, was caught in the middle of a battle between the Earth Federation, and the Neo-Zeon group, Sleeves.

Links sets out into space and engages some of Sleeve’s mobile suits, though this is most likely just because they happened to be the first ones he encountered.  He was angry at both sides for killing the innocent people on the station.

The Gundam Unicorn, it turns out, is controlled by thought, implying that Banhager’s innate rage made the Gundam into the fighting force that it was.  After the fight it’s revealed that Links is unconscious in the cockpit.

If there’s one scene that sums up the episode, it’s when Banhager, now a prisoner of Zeon, is having dinner with a Zeon family.  The son tells him how lucky he is, cause if he were a prisoner of the Federation he’d be tortured and starved; of course, the audiance knows this is not true, as Banhager was, in fact, a prisoner of the other side when the episode started.

The older people at the table, including the enemy mobile suit pilot Banhager had fought against earlier, are silent, suggesting that they have a more realistic view of war.  Though as we’ve seen thus far, having a clear view of what war is, doesn’t stop the adults from continuing it.

Gundam Unicorn, as with other entries in the franchise, makes a point of putting war into perspective.  It’s not a glorious pursuit, and the people you fight against are not inhuman monsters.  Each side believes that they are ‘right,’ but as Banhager says in this episode, ‘no war is ever justified,’ and being ‘right’ doesn’t change anything for those that are dead.

At the same time, Banhager has fought in a battle, and killed an enemy.  When on the outside, Banhager can see war for the senseless destructive force that it is, yet on the inside, he experienced for himself what drives people to fight.

One of the common traits in Gundam series is a long blond haired man with a metal mask.  In the original series he was Char Aznable, who showed up with a new name, Quattro, in Zeta Gundam.  In Gundam Unicorn, the masked ace pilot is named Full Frontal, and it is suggested that he may in fact be Char with a new assumed name.

This second episode of Gundam Unicorn branched out a lot from its first one.  The major characters are in place, and the theme of war victimizing everyone, including those that fight it, is starting to develop.

The screencaps are from the trailer on youtube, and do not represent the pristine video found on the disc.