Blu Ray Review: True Blood The Complete Third Season


True Blood

The Complete Third Season





Season three of True Blood introduces us to werewolves, although they aren’t really a power unto their own.  They’re very dog-like in that regard, only capable of structured action when directed by a master.  In this case, their master is the king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, a 3000 year old southern dandy.

Sookie is largely disconnected with her old life.  She spent half of last season in Dallas, and half of this one in Mississippi, all in the interest of vampire business.  This time around, she heads off to find Bill, who was kidnapped by Edgington for use in his plot to take over Louisiana.  Sookie and Bill seem to have a bilateral parasitic relationship driven more by need than want.  It’s a hunger, or addiction that keeps them together, despite the fact that being together has only caused them both pain.

Sookie is aided in her quest to save Bill by a werewolf named Alcide.  They actually come off as a healthier couple than Sookie and Bill, perhaps because of Alcide’s dog-like faithfulness.  Though, he too is stuck on a woman that is terrible for him, she being an addict and caught up in evil werewolf doings.

Sookie’s friend Tara, who has largely been left behind as Sookie explores her new supernatural world of wonders, has had a very hard time since the series began.  Last season she found ‘love’ only to discover she was under a spell the whole time, leading to the death of her lover.

This season she is kidnapped by a vampire, Franklin, who uses his vampire glamor power to force himself on her.  Being controlled by supernaturals seems a fate she is unable to escape.  Ironically, it’s Franklin that inadvertently brings Tara and Sookie back together, though it’s under the worse circumstances possible.

This sets up a conflict for the two, when Sookie chooses to stay involved with vampires even after one of them hurt Tera so badly.  Tera can seem the obsession in Sookie, and perhaps equates it with her own loss of control when dealing with monsters.

Jason, Sookie’s brother, has really come into his own.  After his swat mission to save Bon Temps from the Maenad in season two; he fancies himself a hero, and sets out to become a police officer.  This is complicated when he falls in lover with a girl whose family lives on the opposite side of the law, leaving Jason to decide just what he wants to protect.

Sookie’s disconnection with other humans has made her less relatable.  She’s so drenched in the vampire world that she’s become a part of it, so we can no longer see it through her eyes.  That said, the rest of the characters have developed to the point that they can carry the human part of the story along enough to keep the series somewhat grounded.  Tera offers a stark contrasting view of the vampires to the one we get from Sookie, and Jason provides a small glimmer of hope that people can do well and better themselves.  Edgington was a compelling villain for the season suitably threatening, but also relatable, at least on some level.

Video and Audio quality on the Blu Ray are flawless.  Many extras are included, including a database of the characters and various species of the series.