DVD Review: Zombie Dearest


Zombie Dearest

The Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 3

Echo Bridge



When the protagonist’s voice over described himself as a failed comedy writer, my first thought was, ‘I bet the guy playing him also wrote this movie…’

David Kemker wrote, directed, and stars as Gus Lawton in Zombie Dearest, an attempted horror/comedy hybrid.  I say attempted because neither the horror nor comedic elements really work.

The movie opens with Gus trying to cheat on his wife with her best friend (who’s about 60 years old, for some reason).  Hi wife runs off to her family’s old farm, and he follows.  In response, she not only forgives him, but gives him a sweetheart deal where he can stay at home and fix up the farmhouse while working on his ‘comedy,’ and she’ll go to work.

But that’s too much to ask of Gus, so when he digs up a zombie in the backyard, he has it do the manual labor so he can work on his groundbreaking stand-up set about cavemen.

There isn’t really much of a plot to the movie.  It’s basically just Gus and his wife Deborah milling around for an hour and a half.  The zombie is relatively superfluous, taking on a kind of ‘wacky neighbor’ role, just popping in for comic relief every now and then.

Gus is bit at one point, and instantly knows that it will cause him to turn into a zombie (for some reason) but that doesn’t have much of an effect on his character, and produces no tension or suspense for the audience (I was mostly just hoping he’d hurry up and die already so something interesting could happen).

The acting is fine, so far as it goes, but the script doesn’t ask them to do anything challenging, so that’s not saying much.  Gus’ comedy act is terrible.  The jokes, as bad as they are, are actually made worse by his horrible delivery, which involves doing some strange ’80s cliche stand-up comedian voice.

Zombie Dearest is dull and forgettable.  Not only are there far better zombie and comedy movies, there are also better zombie-comedies.  A lack of a plot, unlikable characters, and a failure to utilize its premise drag the whole thing down.

The movie comes in a two disc set with four movies on each disc from budget distributor Echo Bridge.  Video is in anamorphic widescreen, and looks decent enough.