DVD Review: Demonic Toys


Demonic Toys

The Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 3

Echo Bridge




The protagonist of Demonic Toys is police officer Judith Gray, played by Tracy Scoggins.  Scoggins went on to play Captain Elizabeth Lochley in season five of Babylon 5.  I mention that first because it was the most notable thing about the movie.

The film opens with a police sting operation that quickly goes bad.  One of the criminals is injured, and staggers into a toy warehouse.  Unfortunately, in addition to unwanted toys, this warehouse is also storing a demon, and the hapless criminal’s dripping blood is just what it’s been waiting for.

The rest of the movie involves the demon possessing toys and people, in his attempt to get Judith, the overweight porn-addicted security guard, the second criminal, and the chicken delivery boy.  None of these characters develop connections or interact in any meaningful way, they’re basically just cannon fodder.

There’s two kinds of demonic toys in the movie, those the producers spent money on, and those they didn’t.  The good ones have actual demonic faces and some puppetry which allows their face to move as they talk.  The others are just off the shelf toys which are waved around to mimic ‘movement.’

The movie jumps right into the action, leaving little space for character development.  That said, the characters have clear motivation (to live) and act in a reasonably believable manner appropriate to their character (Judith is professional and under control, chicken boy is panicky).

The plot is competent, if simplistic.  The demon has a goal, and a bit of a back story.  It’s enough to lead the movie from one kill scene to the next.

The special effects/make-up is mediocre; similar to what you’d find in a Halloween store.

The demonic toys themselves kind of fall flat as a horror element.  They look too silly to be scary, and the fact that they are merely possessed things means that they are still, in effect, toys.  Compare that to Chucky in Child’s Play, who had his own complex character and made use of his toy form to manipulate and mislead people, and the demonic toys just feel empty.

Demonic Toys is another case of a rip-off movie not being as good as the things it’s ripping off.  The acting is good, by this type of film’s standards, and the rest is satisfactory.

The movie comes in a two disc set with four movies on each disc from budget distributor Echo Bridge.  Video is in 4:3, which I think is the OAR, and looks decent enough.