DVD Review: Evil Bong


Evil Bong

The Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 3

Echo Bridge



Marijuana-based comedies are never really funny.  Not for any prudish or ethical reason, but because the writers tend to think that simply talking about drugs, in an of itself, is funny.  By the time you’ve seen the 43rd character stare at his had and lethargically say, ‘dude, my hand is so big…’ the magic is gone.

Strictly based on the premise, Evil Bong is the most original of the movies on The Midnight Horror Collection Vol. 3 that I’ve watched so far.  Some college kids buy a bong off an ad in High Times magazine.  Unfortunately, it turns out it’s alive, possessed of the soul of some evil woman from New Orleans (or something).  When the kids use it enough, their spirits are sucked in to the bong, which houses a small strip club.  The strippers then keep the kids there, thus making the bong woman more powerful.

I guess there’s potential there, but it just all falls apart on the incredibly shaky production values and lazy script.

The characters in the movie are the worst kinds of stereotype.  There’s the nerd Allister, who’s smart and doesn’t use drugs; the slacker Larnell, the surfer Bachman, and the jock Brett, who do.  That’s all there is to say about all of them.

If nothing else, you can at least say they are well defined, and stay true to their characters throughout, but the fact that they are so shallow and thoroughly unlikable makes you wish they wouldn’t.

The movie takes place entirely on two sets, the first being the one room apartment the four boys share, the other being the intra-bong strip club.  Neither of them are very convincing, especially the strip club which looks as if someone threw some polls up in an otherwise empty warehouse.

As you may guess from the limited sets, the movie is very repetitive.  As each of the boys gets sucked into the bong, they have a nearly identical experience, just with minor details swapped out.  If drug-based humor is good for nothing else, it should at least be exploited for dreamy visuals and random craziness.  Instead we get dully filmed scenes of cookie-cutter incidents.

Tommy Chong is in the movie.  I think he’s required to appear in anything marijuana related by international law.  I guess he’s fine in it, but that should be expected since he’s just playing the same old character he always does.

Evil Bong is a horror – comedy that’s neither scary nor funny.  What’s worse is that it’s also poorly made; with cheap production values and an uninspired script.

The movie comes in a two disc set with four movies on each disc from budget distributor Echo Bridge.  This movie is presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen version that doesn’t look to great, though that may in part be due to cheap cameras and sets.