Blu Ray Review: Jennifer’s Body


Jennifer’s Body





Jennifer (Megan Fox) is the hot girl at Devil’s Kettle High; her best friend, Needy, (Amanda Seyfried) is not.  Needy loves Jennifer, and Jennifer loves being loved.  Jennifer is, essentially, the needier of the two, seeking validation from men, and to prevent any such validation falling on Needy.

Needy takes a subjugated role in her relationship with Jennifer at the start of the film.  She allows Jennifer to dictate her plans for the night and what she will wear (making sure to neither embarrass nor upstage her).  And yet, this submissiveness is not an aspect of her over all character.  She leads her own life, has a boyfriend (something Jen does not have), and is quick to stand up to Jennifer when she goes evil.

That happens after a mediocre rock band called Low Shoulder attempts to make a virgin sacrifices of Jennifer, unaware that she doesn’t qualify.  This results in a low-level possession in which Jennifer retains all her personality, gains some super powers, but has to eat people to stay alive.  Just as she fed off men for approval pre-possession, she now turns to feeding off men for meat.

Needy is, on some level, sexually attracted to Jennifer, despite her protests to the contrary.  Needy’s narration makes many references to how beautiful Jen is.  At one point in the film, the demonic Jennifer kisses Needy, then lays back on the bed, forcing Needy to takes the initiative to continue (which she does).  Jennifer then asks to spend the night, offering to play boyfriend/girlfriend ‘like we used to.’  Jennifer is seeking sexual validation, she wants Needy to confirm that she is still attractive.  Jennifer feeds on the flesh of boys, but on the emotions of Needy.

I think the movie could have benefited from a bit more build up.  It’s implied that Jennifer is the popular one, and Needy is a nerd, but that’s not what we see in the film.  We never really see Jennifer talking to anyone other then Needy or Needy’s friends, except for the purposes of soliciting sex.  She seems less like the bright shiny popular girl, and more like the town bike.  Also, Jennifer is somewhat insulting to Needy post possession, but Needy doesn’t react that badly, so we don’t know if this is normal behavior for her, or something demon-related.

Megan Fox does very well in the role of a sexy bitch (whether she’s a great actress, or is just playing herself, I don’t know).  Amanda Seyfried, of course, is a highly skill actor and does not disappoint in this performance.  The movie was written by Diablo Cody (Juno) and features her trademark overly-slangy dialogue, which I happen to like.  Sure, it’s not realistic, but neither is Deadwood‘s dialogue.

Looking solely at the story, Jennifer’s Body doesn’t break any new ground.  Actually, it’s very similar in plot and theme to Ginger Snaps (which came out 8 years earlier).  But this movie is more than just its plot.  It has a wonderful cast, snappy dialogue, and a fun style…and a make out scene with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.