DVD Review: Ninja She-Devil


Ninja She-Devil

The Ninja-Thon Collection

Switchblade Pictures




Tsubame is a kunoichi, a female ninja.  The lord she serves under, Kuniyoshi, is faced with a threat to his dynasty.  One of his wives seeks to off him and install her son as the new lord.  To prevent this, Kuniyoshi must produce a true heir, but he is no longer able to leave the castle, and it is too dangerous for his mistress to come to him.  Lucky, Tsubame has a special skill, unique to Kunoichi; the ability to store a man’s ‘seed’ in her womb for up to seven day, before transferring it to another woman.

If that plot synopsis bothers you in any way, do not read on.

Tsubame is played by Japanese adult film star, Yuma Asami.  This film draws heavily on the skills Asami has amassed from her previous roles.  Aside from that, she’s actually a fair actress.  While it’s hard to judge nuance in another language, Asami’s reactions in the more melodramatic scenes are believable enough.  She’s able to convey emotion, and her dialog does not sound stilted.

During her journey, Tsubame encounters another female ninja, who used to be a retainer of Tsubame’s lord’s rival; and a male ninja sent by her lord’s conniving wife.  The evil wife doesn’t seem to be all that into her plot, though.  After her first failure, she apparently gives up and stops trying.

The plot is basically just a framing device for the sex scenes.  That said, it’s competent and at least somewhat thoughtful.  The political intrigue makes the story more interesting than it needs to be, and the sub plot involving Tsubame and her lover Taichi adds a bit of drama (or melodrama, anyways).  There was certainly room for improvement; some more insight into the villainess, and perhaps a final showdown between her and Tsubame would have given the film better closure.

The sex scenes take up the bulk of the film’s 75 minute run time.  They’re very drawn out, and not particular graphic (owing to Japan’s unusually strict prohibitions on full nudity).  The sex scenes play out in real time, and actually get boring after awhile.  You can only watch a man grope a breast for so long before you stop caring.  There’s one scene with Tsubame and another woman towards the end, but that quickly turns into a pair of straight sex scenes in which both of the women involved fantasize that they’re with their male lovers.  There’s very little derivation in these scenes through out the film (always two people on the floor), which just makes these scenes even less engaging.

The fighting is mediocre.  It uses a lot of jump cuts, fast-forward, and blurring to suggest that the ninjas are moving quickly, but the effect is not at all convincing.  Considering how little screen time they take up, the film makers certainly could have choreographed something that resembled actual sword fighting.

If you enjoy lengthy soft-core sex scenes interspersed with a competent storyline and decent acting, you’ll find it in Ninja She-Devil.   It’s a cheap movie, but it delivers exactly what it promises.

The Ninja-Thon Collection contains three movies, each on their own disc.  Ninja She-Devil is presented with an anamorphic widescreen transfer, which suffers from poor source material.  There are no extras, and no menu.  Audio is Japanese only, with optional English subtitles.