DVD Review: Attack Girls’ Swim Team Vs. The Undead


Attack Girls’ Swim Team Vs. The Undead

Nihombie! Zombie Trilogy

Switchblade Pictures




This movie is called  Attack Girls’ Swim Team Vs. The Undead.  That’s all you really need to know about it.  Whatever wild fantasies pop into your head upon hearing the title, you will most likely find represented in the film itself.

Aki is the new girl in school, and she has a secret.  She has recently escaped from an abusive mad man who took her in as an orphan, and began training her to be an assassin.  This is a common trend in all three of the zombie movies in the Nihombie! trilogy set; they all star a girl who turns out to have some special powers that help her fight zombies.  As if the zombies themselves just aren’t weird enough to carry the movie.

Aki meets Sayaka, a member of the swim team, who introduces herself in the shower.  They both notice that they share certain birthmarks, suggesting they may be related in some way; though they don’t bother mentioning it to each other until after their lesbian sex scene, lest their possible sisterhood put a damper on the occasion.

The sex content is actually fairly light in the film, there are just a few set pieces (shower, sex scene, skinny dipping), but they’re short and non-lingering.  From what I can gather online, both of the stars of the film are adult movie actresses, so they’re comfortable with that aspect of their roles.  They excel at fake moaning, but are somewhat dull and languid in normal conversation scenes.

In the first part of the movie, there are PA announcements warning of a viral outbreak, and instructing students to wash their hands and gargle, this is followed up by a mysterious green inoculation which brings out the zombies.

The zombies are distinguished by a kind of vein-y rash on their face, which looks like it was drawn on with a magic marker.  The blood fares a little better, and splashes quite satisfyingly over the swim team girls.  The gore is okay, but incomplete.  You’ll see a zombie swinging a ruler down towards a student, then a sudden cut to a severed arm falling on the floor; you seldom see the actual injury occurring, which severely undercuts the gore’s effectiveness.

There’s one nice scene in a classroom as the zombie outbreak commences, leading to a screaming, bloody riot; but after that, the school seems pretty empty.  There’s a few students wandering around, and the only real threat is from the school’s English teacher, a still-attractive older woman whose English skills are not up to the task of teaching the language.  The actress playing her must have had a lot of fun, as she throws herself into the sadistic giggly killer role completely.

Attack Girls’ Swim Team Vs. The Undead is a pure exploitation film, and delivers on the violence and nudity that one would expect when picking up a movie with this title.  It was clearly shot on the cheap, and suffers most from a lacking makeup and special effects budget.  But the makers of the film did seem to have fun with it, and made the most of what they had.  The story is fun, with some very bizarre twists, and a few of the set pieces are shot very well and pretty much worth watching the movie for.

Each movie in the Nihombie! Zombie Trilogy is on its own disc.  This one presents the film in an anamorphic wide screen transfer, which makes the movie look just about as good as it can, given its low budget.  There are no extras.