DVD Review: Hell Comes To Frogtown


Hell Comes To Frogtown


Image Entertainment




A nuclear war devastated the world ten years ago; it killed many, and left most of the survivors sterile.  It also created a race of humanoid frog-people.  Now, the race is on to repopulate before the enemy does, but that is battle unto itself.

Accused rapist Sam Hell is contracted by Med Tech (a government-like authority that is waging the war for babies) to travel the wastelands in search of fertile, young women whom he can then impregnate.  Med Tech has the perfect women in mind; a group of scantily clad virgins, but unfortunately,  they’ve been taken prisoner by Toty, the mutant leader of Frogtown.  Now, Sam and his Med Tech guard, Spangle, must infiltrate Frogtown and rescue the girls.

I’m not sure if the frog mutants were frogs that became people-like, or people that became frog-like.  They eat frog food, but also have a taste for human women, so it could go either way.  Their society seems to cherry pick the seediest aspects of human society.

Roddy Piper (the professional wrestler) makes Sam Hell about as likable as a character like him can ever be.  Given his actions in the movie, it’s unlikely that he is actually a rapist.  There’s even a scene in which he’s hesitant to sleep with a woman without getting to know her first.  Sam is a more-or-less descent person.  He’s occasionally difficult, but since he’s being controlled by the threat of an exploding codpiece, it’s understandable.  Piper does fairly well in the role.  He’s a little dull and rehearsed in the dialogue scenes, but he’s okay with action-hero posturing, and he screams convincingly during Sam’s torture.

Contrary to its premise, Hell Comes To Frogtown is actually quite tame.  There’s a few brief flashes of nudity and no graphic violence of note.  The makeup effects are pretty impressive, though.  The frogs look very frog-like and there is movement in their faces.

The plot is straight forward.  We’re introduced to the hero, he’s given a mission, he accomplishes said mission.  It’s all predictable, but the premise is so interesting that it makes the whole thing feel new.  Saving women from a bad guy is boring; saving women from a bad frog-guy is exciting!  The dialogue is flat and cliche-ridden, though some of that can be attributed to the acting.

There are things that could have been done better.  It would have been nice if the creativity shown in the premise had been carried over to the finer details of plot and character.  But Hell Comes To Frogtown is still an entertaining and colorful movie.  The story isn’t deep, but it’s a fun ride.

Hell Comes To Frogtown is presented on a double feature DVD with Def-Con 4 from Image Entertainment.  The video is surprisingly good, with an anamorphic transfer that (considering this movie’s budget) is sharp and vivid.