DVD Review: Maid’s Secret


Maid’s Secret

Switchblade Pictures





On the day of their high school graduation, two girls confess their love to a be-speckled classmate, Keita.  Keita is unable or unwilling to decide between the two, and suggests that they meet again one year hence, at which time he will make his choice.

The two girls commit to transforming themselves into the perfect mate for Keita, though both have very different ideas of what that entails.  Harumi, the good girl (played by AV idol Emiru Momose), believes that Keita will want an old-fashioned housewife, and thus takes on a job as a maid at a ‘maid cafe’ to hone her domestic skills.

A maid cafe, for those that don’t know, works on essentially the same principal as Hooters, except that instead of hotpants, the waitresses wear ornate, Edwardian era maid uniforms.  Either way, the goal is to mix a restaurant with male fantasy fulfillment.

The other woman, who isn’t named in the film but is both literally and figuratively, ‘the other woman,’ believes that Keita is a masochist, and thus takes a job as a dominatrix.  She does seem to genuinely care for Keita, despite being a rather uncaring person to everyone else.

Maid’s Secret is mostly a comedy, except for the climax in which the other woman sends two of her submissive clients to rape Harumi.  It’s a very dark turn for an otherwise light-hearted and silly movie.  Emiru Momose, as Harumi, gives a fairly good performance.  She’s supposed to be a meek character, so whatever awkward hesitation she has in her dialogue works in that context.  Otherwise, emotes convincingly, at least relative to the general tone of the movie.

The story is enjoyable (unfortunate plot twists aside).  There’s a running gag about a suicidal man that ties into the main plot later on; and there are some nice scenes showing Harumi and the other woman’s respective fantasies about Keita, which  show the contrast in their characters.  At it’s heart, Maid’s Secret is just a sweet, innocent love story with anime style comedy and flourishes (again, except for the climax.  Really, what were they thinking?), and a better script than most films of this genre.  There’s a lot of nudity in the film, but it doesn’t come across as excessive; it’s worked into the plot at logical points.  The violence isn’t graphic or gory, but can be disturbing.

Maid’s Secret is a softcore film, first and foremost, and it’s successful in that regard.  The two leads are attractive, and their softcore scenes don’t feel exploitative or sleazy (except for…).  Aside from that it, has a decently executed, cute storyline with likable characters.  That said, the storyline alone isn’t enough reason to watch the movie if pretty naked women don’t appeal to you.

The video is presented in an anamorphic widescreen format.  It looks like it was shot on video, so it’s fairly sharp, but it has that ‘cheap’ look to it.  The audio, which is in Japanese only, is clear enough for what sounds are in the movie.  There are no extras included.