Blu Ray Review: Tiger & Bunny Volume 6


Tiger & Bunny

Volume Six

Bandai Visual




It’s been ten months since the terrorist group Ouroboros held the city of Stern Bild hostage.  The heroes, who had been somewhat on the outs after their failures against the take-no-prisoners vigilante, Lunatic, have regained the hearts and minds of the people.  Tiger and Bunny in particular have sky rocketed in popularity, thanks to their hand in defeating Ouroboros’ leader, Jake Martinez.

Barnaby (Bunny) wins the MVP award for the season and has a new sense of contentment, having finally faced the object of his quest for vengeance.  At the same time, he has now fully accepted Tiger as his partner; either because Tiger has proven himself or because Barnaby is no longer pushing people away out of moroseness.

With their new-found popularity comes new responsibilities; namely, promotion.  Tiger & Bunny’s schedule is now filled with personal appearances, interviews, and other sundry, non-heroic doings.  Barnaby is enjoying the high-life, having lived most his life in pursuit of a dark, secret goal; he can now enjoy the company of other people.

Tiger is less enthralled, mostly because these activities take him away from his true love, being a hero.  Still, part of being a hero is doing your duty, so Tiger puts his all into it.

The first episode on this disc is somewhat comedic, dealing with Karina’s (Blue Rose) realization that she is in love with Kotetsu (Tiger).  Blue Rose has a side job as an idol singer, and Hero TV decides to team her up with Tiger & Bunny for special performance.  Kotetsu has been nice to Karina, but that is in part because he has a daughter around her age, whom he doesn’t see (for reasons we don’t understand yet, except that he is the one choosing not to see her, and that he feels guilty about it), making their relationship more of a one-sided crush.

The second episode focuses on the former MVP, Sky High, who has lost faith in himself; both for losing his position, and for so sorrily failing against Jake.  This, too, is a romantic episode in which he falls in love with a mysterious girl he meets in a park.  The story is a nice insight into Sky High (though he isn’t a very complex character) and has a great, bitter-sweet ending.

The final episode is, by Tiger & Bunny standards, very dark.  Throughout this volume, Tiger has been having problems with his powers, and in this episode he finally starts to realize what it might all mean.  At the same time, the story delves into the pasts of Lunatic, and Mr. Legend, the most famous hero of all time, and the role-model for Tiger.  It’s a one-two punch to Tiger, when he starts to hear some bad things about Mr. Legend while trying to deal with his own problematic superpowers.

After the action-packed volume five, Tiger & Bunny has gone back to the character-based stories that are its strong point.  In addition, this volume pushes the Lunatic story into surprising and engaging new areas, suggesting that there are many mysteries left to be revealed.

This Blu Ray was imported from Japan, and includes English subtitles and menues.  The screencaps are from the streaming version, and do not represent the video quality of the BD, which is beautiful.

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