Blu Ray Review: Gundam Unicorn Volume Four


Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unicorn

Volume Four

Bandai Visual




Acts of evil breed hatred, which spur more acts of evil, and so on.  As Banagher finds himself in the care of the Zeon Remnants on Earth, he is confronted with another face of war; vengeance.

Banagher looks on the brewing war with child-like innocence.  He can not understand why people fight and kill each other when they can simply live in peace instead.  But there are larger forces at work that Banagher, in his naivete, can not perceive.  That’s not to say that Banagher’s position isn’t just.  Certainly, it would be the ideal; and yet, the ways of war are ingrained in humanity to such a degree that hoping for it to simply stop is a hopeless endeavor.

The first problem with Banagher’s position is a practical one; that peace can not be declared unilaterally.  When two sides in a war are actively trying to destroy one another, for one to lay down their weapons means suicide or capitulation.

Some may argue that life is preferable to subjugation by the enemy, but then we have to debate the value of freedom, and what good life is without it.

Banagher saw this  in the last volume, when he asked the Zeon forces to give into the Federation’s demands in order to stop a devastating attack, despite the fact that the Federation’s demand was for possession of a weapon that would be used in an even more devastating attack later on.  The battle could have ended if both sides had simply left; but it wasn’t in either one’s power to stop it.

In this volume, we see another problem with Banagher’s argument; being a child, he has not truly felt the cost of war.  The remnants of Zeon on Earth have felt cruel retribution from the Federation forces, having their families slaughtered for no reason; as one of them says, the Federation soldiers just wanted to ‘blow off some steam.’  To the soldier, a life is simply a number; but to the family of that life, it is everything.  How can peace be reached between the victim and the killer.

And yet, Zeon themselves have caused great destruction, killing untold numbers of loved ones.  The feelings and internal justifications of the Federation soldiers who attacked the Zeon town are the same as those of the Zeon Remnants who attack the Federation city in this volume.  It’s the endless cycle that can not be stopped so long as people feel pain.

The North American release of this series has been handled by Bandai Entertainment through this volume; but since they’ve stopped production on new titles, it’s up in the air as to whether the last two volumes will come out here.   If nothing else, the Japanese release (which will play on any NA Blu Ray player) will continue to include the English dub, and subtitles.

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