DVD Review: Last of the Living


Last of the Living

Echo Bridge





Glasses, Rock Star, and The Other Guy must help Hot Girl Scientist get to a laboratory on some near-by island where a team of presumably less hot scientists are working on a cure to the zombie condition.

Last of the Living is a zombie comedy from New Zealand (why does my spell check always underline Zealand?  It’s a major-ish country, it should be in the dictionary).  As you may expect from a foreign zombie film, it’s rather low budget.

Morgan, Ash, and Johnny (I think Johnny is the Rock Star, but I’m not sure about the other two) live lives of leisure in the post apocalyptic world.  They spend their days playing video games in mansions, while gorging on prepackaged junk food.  They’re fairly likable, or at least they aren’t horribly unlikable, like most single males in horror movies.  Because of their accents, they remind me of Flight of Conchords.  Perhaps I just like these guys because I’m imposing Conchord‘s dopey innocense on to them.

There’s some mildly-amusing banter at the beginning about running into an old girlfriend, but nothing that really rises to the level of ‘funny.’  This is probably the biggest drain on the movie.  Even though I don’t hate the cast, I don’t find them engaging, either.  It’s actually kind of hard to pay attention as no one ever does or says anything interesting or entertaining.

The plot is shallow, but then, I don’t expect much from a zombie-chase movie.  There’s some effort put into having ‘dramatic moments,’ but I wasn’t invested in the characters enough for them to have much effect.  And even those, the ‘noble sacrifices,’ are cliches taken from other zombie films.

Make-up and gore effects are okay.  Zombies range from full make up, to perfectly healthy looking people with disheveled clothes.  There’s a bit of computerized blood, but nothing terribly graphic.

As a zombie movie, Last of the Living isn’t gory or creepy enough.  It offers nothing new for the genre, and it doesn’t do much with the old cliches it steals.  It’s okay to be unoriginal, but at least be refined.

As a comedy, it just isn’t funny.  It tried, at least at the beginning, but quickly degraded into dumb ‘jokes’ about one of them being gay.

The Zombie-Comedy has been done far, far better.  While this movie isn’t offensively bad, there’s nothing about it that warrants a recommendation.

The movie was included in an eight movie, two disc set from budget publisher Echo Bridge, called the ‘Horror Cinema Eight Movie Pack.’ This one was presented in anamorphic wide-screen that looks like it was shot with a decent, consumer-grade digital camera.

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