Blu Ray Review: Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers

Sony Pictures

Zombie Strippers is a faux-B-Movie; that is, while it puts on the guise of a low-budget exploitation film, it actually has some money behind it.

Often in such cases, the resulting film is hollow, as those backing the film financially push for a more ‘mainstream,’ and thus less risky product.

Luckily, that’s not the case here.


Indeed, the movie doesn’t seem to pull any punches.  The gore is very graphic, and (thanks to a healthy special fx budget) looks great.  People are ripped to pieces, tongues are pulled out of heads, and flesh is stripped off of bone all in a very convincing way.  Because the movie has a silly veneer over it, the violence, despite looking real, isn’t too creepy or off-putting.

The plot is straight-forward for this type of film.  A small military unit storms a building filled with zombies.  One is bitten and runs away, lest his teammates put him down before he turns.  He finds refuge in a strip club and infects one of the strippers, Kat (played by porn star Jenna Jameson, who does fine in the role as the diva bitch).

Unlike most zombies, Kat maintains her sentience and continue dancing, much to the delight of the audience.  She proves so popular that the other strippers volunteer to be turned as well.

The comedy doesn’t really work.  There are a lot of jokes about George W Bush which are more blunt than witty (not to mention the fact that they’re dated).  There is also a running gag involving the Mexican janitor that is either racist, or satire of racism; I haven’t decided yet.

The characterization is very simple, everyone is a stereotype.  There’s the smart stripper, the Christian stripper, the goth stripper, etc.  But at least they’re differentiated, which isn’t a given in a movie like this, and there’s enough character to create believable, if shallow, conflict.

There are some great makeup effects with the zombies as well.  As the film progresses, their bodies continue to decompose, they lose color, their skin drys out and flakes, and their faces become sunken.  Not that any of this deters their fans from throwing dollar bills onto the stage.

Much like the violence, Zombie Strippers doesn’t skimp on the stripping, either.  Pretty much all of the women have a full dance routine in the film, complete with nudity.  One of the other advantages of having a movie with a decent budget is that they were able to hire attractive women with acting ability; unlike other B-Movies, which pick up their female cast from a bus shelter on the day of filming.

Zombie Strippers delivers exactly what it promises: zombies and strippers.  What’s more, both the zombies and the strippers look great, and do everything you could ever want a zombie or a stripper to do.  The rest of the film is fairly weak, but not weak enough to detract from the positives.

If the title of the movie is what interests you, you’ll probably be satisfied.

The Blu Ray looks and sounds good.  While having a bid budget compared to most small films, it’s still a little cheap and cheesy looking.  The disc includes a commentary, some featurettes, and deleted scenes.

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