DVD Review: Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Retromedia Entertainment

It’s an old story.  Some guy dumps chemical waste in a grave yard, causing the dead to rise and go on a killing spree.  The unique twist in this film is that all the zombies are girls, and their means of killing has a sexual edge to it.

Unfortunately (if that description appeals to you), this French zombie film is something of a mess.


The zombies in Revenge of the Living Dead Girls are strange.  For instance, there’s a scene where they watch a woman through a window, then decided to go in and eat her.  Okay so far, but then they knock on the front door and then wait for the woman to ask them in.  They’re very civil, until one of them stabs a high heel through the woman’s eye.  There are other examples, but that’s the most demonstrative.

The oddness is explained by the fact that this film has two very different endings.  If we use the primary one (the one included in the film) a lot of things in the movie just don’t make any sense, especially the ending, in which a woman picks the zombies up on the side of  the road and then drives on like its nothing.

If we take the second ending, the roadside pick up (and the zombies’ civility) make sense, but then the violence doesn’t.  Somehow, the director was able to create two, wholly unsatisfying endings to a 75 minute movie.

The special effects are okay.  The zombie costumes consist of a rubber mask that doesn’t move well, and sometimes a wrinkly glove; the rest of their bodies (which we do see, by the way) are covered with a green-gray body-paint.  If they acted more like dead people, it would probably be enough, but since they act like people, the overall effect is just a little silly.

The gore is bloody, but not at all convincing.    There’s a notable shower scene with a pregnant woman which could have been good, if done competently; but as it is, you can’t even tell what’s going on, even with her explaining it.

Speaking of shower scenes; there’s a funny moment when a man is shaking his hysterical wife as she’s lying in bed.  The movie then cuts suddenly to her in the shower with her husband still shaking her and spraying her with water.  Did he pick her up and continue shaking her as he brought her to the shower and turned it on?  Or did his wife calm down for a while, and then suddenly get hysterical again when the water hit her?

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls has that ‘classic eighties horror movie’ feel to it, but there are some fundamental flaws at its core.  The story isn’t just shallow, it’s nonsensical.  The movie originated in France and is presented on the DVD dub only, so the acting is also mediocre.  The video is non-anamorphic, but in a weird aspect ratio.  It looks fairly good for its age.

Favorite Line:

“There must be a hundred thousand prostitutes in France!”

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