DVD Review: The Hidden 2

The Hidden 2


The alien body snatcher whom we thought had died in the first film actually survived.  We learn this when the second movie opens by replaying the last 15 minutes of the first film in its entirety, while adding 30 seconds of new footage in which the alien runs away.




Tom Beck, the cop who helped the good alien in the first movie, and was then reward by being taken over by him, is still hunting the alien fifteen years later, believing that it may have spawned.  Beck has aged very poorly.  It turns out that being inhabited by an alien is bad for your health, though I think that little plot point was a cover for the fact that they couldn’t get the same actor back, and needed to explain his vastly different appearance.

Anyways, Beck’s daughter is now a cop, and a new good-guy alien teams up with her to find the alien spawn.   What follows is essentially a repeat of the first film, with the addition of an awkward, PG-rated sex scene.

The first movie wasn’t remarkable to begin with, but the sequel still never manages to live up to it.  The acting is wooden, which I could excuse for the alien, but not for the woman, and everything just feels flat.  One of the things I miss from the first is the bad alien’s sociopaths behaviors.  It was kind of fun watching him wander the city, acting on every passing animal impulse.  The alien in the second film is just your run-of-the-mill calculating villain, and not even a good one.

At one point, he has the oportunity to kill the good alien, after destroying his super anti-bad-alien raygun, but chooses not to, saying ‘you’re not even worth it.’   That’s not the attitude of someone who exists solely for physical pleasure, as the bad aliens supposedly do, and it’s pretty lousy strategy, too.

I don’t have much else to say about The Hidden 2.  It’s a dull and lifeless film with stilted dialogue, bad acting, and a lot of boring gun fights.  Even if you get it for free as part of the double feature DVD, it’s still barely worth watching.  Maybe if you’re cleaning and just want something on in the background that won’t distract you too much.

Video is in anamorphic widescreen, and looks fine.  There are no extras.  This review is running short.  Let’s see… both movies are on a single-sided disc.  It’s in an amaray-style DVD case.  The woman who played the cop, Kate Hodge, was in one episode of Person of Interest, and one of  Fringe.  She also starred in a show called She-Wolf of London.

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