DVD Review: Conan The Adventurer Season Two: Part 2

Conan The Adventurer

Season Two: Part 2

Shout Factory

Conan and his eclectic band of allies finish out their second season with 13 more adventures in magic and snake-people fighting.


This second season hasn’t had the continuity of the first.  The first season had a clear direction; characters were introduced one at a time, and it all led up to a final battle.  Season two has been far less linear.  Even when something big happens, it’s rarely ever mentioned again, so episodes can be viewed out of order with little confusion.

But there are still some highlights.  In ‘The Book of Skelos,’ Conan makes some major progress in curing the ‘spell of living stone cast upon his family,’ so major, in fact, that it really stands out that nobody ever talks about it afterward.  ‘Return to Tarantia’ delves into Jezmine’s past, specifically her less-than-ideal ancestors.  It’s an interesting concept, but it isn’t explored that deeply and has only the shallowest effect on her character.  The ending is good, though, even if it does just introduce another fuzzy goal for the team.  Another stand out episode is ‘The Amulet of Vathalos,’ which is largely a flashback about the adventures of Conan’s grandfather.  It turns out he’s kind of a reckless jerk that gets other people hurt, or as Conan describes him, a great hero.

Aside from those, there are a lot of episodes about evil wizards, and Conan chasing down shaky rumors about cures to the spell of living stone that never pan out.  Given all the rumored cures, this spell must be very, very common.  Wrath-Amon makes a few appearances but doesn’t accomplish much.  He’s still working on his pyramids, but we don’t get an exact update on how those are going.  The female wizard Mesmira has a few episodes in which she repeatedly tricks Conan.  He’s an idiot.

The animation is getting a little sloppy.  The movement is a little stilted and not dynamic enough for an action series.  But the bigger problem is consistency.  Someone will lose their weapons in one scene, then have them again in the next.  In one episode, Conan and Windfang are painted completely gray for a few shots for no particular reason.  I guess this comes with the territory in early ’90s cartoons, but it does distract at times.

Conan The Adventurer Season Two: Part 2 is more of the same.  If you liked the previous volumes, you should like this one as well.  I know from watching it back in the day that the show have a real ending, but there seems to be a lot of wheel spinning getting there.

The DVDs from Shout Factory look fine.  One episode is preceded by a warning about a fault in the source material, but it ends up being a fraction of a second long blip.

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