#whowillrun ?

The official Doctor Who twitter account tweeted this cryptic message today:

‘Exciting news! Guess Who is carrying the Torch in Cardiff on Saturday? #whowillrun

They promise more information will come at midnight tonight.


A series two episode from 2006, ‘Fear Her,’ involved the tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose Tyler traveling to the then-future of 2012 to fight a lonely alien inhabiting a little girl.  The episode ends with the Doctor carrying the torch on the last leg of its journey to light the Olympic Flame during the opening ceremony.

Given the tweet talks about an event in Cardiff on Saturday, it clearly isn’t going to be a remake of that scene (sadly); but is it possible that Tennant will once again dawn the trench coat to make that famous scene sort-of true?  Or will the current Doctor, Matt Smith, be carrying the torch literally, as he has figuratively since taking over the roll.

Either way, keep an eye on the Who twitter account to find out.

UPDATE: The Doctor Who Twitter account has revealed that it is Matt Smith who will carry the torch in Cardiff, dashing my hopes of a Doctor Who/real life mash-up.



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