Aniplex of America At Anime Expo 2012

This afternoon, Aniplex of America held their panel at this year’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

The first Aniplex related news to come from the convention was actually leaked a few hours earlier by rival company Viz Media.  Viz will be launching its own anime network, Neon Alley, which will be carried elusively through gaming consoles.  The network will air dubbed, uncut anime, and amongst its initial offerings will be a newly dubbed version of Aniplex’s Blue Exorcist, which has just completed a subtitled-only DVD release.



Aniplex started their panel nearly 20 minutes late, and proceeded to promote their currently available titles, Blue Exorcist and Madoka Magica.

They then played trailers for their previously announced upcoming releases, all of which are themselves re-releases.  Oriemo, which came out as a special edition last year, will see a regular edition DVD release on July 10, 2012.  The Baccano Blu Ray box, also released in limited numbers last year, will be re-issued in the same format on July 31st.  Garden of Sinners, which was previously available as an imported Blu Ray will get a scaled-down DVD release this fall (cause everyone was screaming for a lower quality version).

On to unreleased titles, Bakemongatari, will be released on Blu Ray in a complete box set with two subtitle streams, one with just dialog, and the other with dialog and on-screen text. Sadly, no new information.

Their new announcement of the con was for the computer animated singer Hatsune Miku; specifically, the concert Mikunopolis in Los Angeles.  What in the world they plan to do with it remains a mystery.

Aniplex then premiered some footage from the new dub of Blue Exorcist (which sounds fine) and reiterated Viz’ news from earlier in the con.

The Aniplex reps then took a few questions and deftly managed to avoid answering a single one of them.

All in all, a pretty disappointing show.

Here’s a video of Miku in concert.  This isn’t from the Los Angeles show, but it should give you an idea of what to expect.


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