NIS America At Anime Expo 2012

This afternoon, NIS America held a panel at Anime Expo 2012.  They began by going over their past and upcoming releases, which include Bunny Drop, Ghastly Prince Enma, Kimi Ni Todoke Volume 3, and Anohana.

They then went on to extol their own virtues, and the great love and effort they put into packaging and localization.  It’s certainly true that they put a lot of effort into their packaging, but when it comes to the discs themselves, I’ve found them severely lacking.  It seems like every time NIS releases a new title, they find a new way to screw it up; from poor video encoding, to subtitles that can’t be turned off, and even skipping episodes for no good reason.  I wish they put as much effort into substance as they do image.

New announcements:  Natsume’s Book of Friends will be released on DVD this fall.  This one will break from NIS’s other releases by including the first two seasons, 26 episodes on four discs.



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