Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing Campaign

A few pieces of viral marketing material from the producers of The Dark Knight Rises have made their way online.

The first gives some background information about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character (whom many are speculating may be Robin), and the second discusses the various newsworthy events happening in Gotham prior to the start of the movie.



First up is an employee evaluation of John Blake, Gordon-Levitt’s character, from the Gotham Police Department.  It speaks to a highly skilled, idealistic, and principled officer whose only weak spot is in making connections with other officers, which seems to be a result of them failing to live up to Blake’s standards.

Further, the evaluation mentions that Blake has requested a transfer to The Narrows, Gotham’s crime-ridden ‘bad part of town,’ which was featured prominently in Batman Begins.




The second piece of viral marketing takes the form of a series of e-mails sent between reporters/editors of The Gotham Observer.

They begin with a discussion about the legal threats they have received from the lawyer of John Daggett, whom the paper has accused of engaging mercenaries in West Africa to stage a coup, and possibly being responsible for attacks on rival construction companies around Gotham.  The e-mails then mention that Daggett is in a potion of power in Wayne Enterprises.

The e-mails also talk of a Wayne E board member named Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), who is about to have a library named after her; and a series of mysterious thefts at high-end penthouses, which obviously refers to Catwoman.


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