Bryan Fuller To Push More Daisies?

Bryan Fuller’s ability to create wonderfully whimsical fantasy TV series is matched only by his ability to get said shows canceled before their time.

First was Wonderfalls, which ran for half a season on Fox; and next was Pushing Daisies, which was canceled partway through its second season following a long, writers-strike induced absence.

But this weekend at Comic Con 2012, Fuller hinted that Pushing Daisies, the series about a man who can revive the dead with a touch, may be revived itself.

During a panel promoting his latest series, Mockingbird Lane (a remake of The Munsters), Bryan Fuller said of his previous series: “There is another Pushing Daisies project that is not a comic and that is not a miniseries that we’re working on.”

There was talk of a comic book follow-up to the series almost immediately after its cancellation.  Indeed, as late as 2010, series star Chi McBride said that he had read part of the script, saying, “It was off the hook. It’s really good.”  Talk of a miniseries came up shortly after Torchwood: Miracle Day began airing on Starz.  Fuller said of the project:

“I am really emboldened by what Starz is doing with TORCHWOOD and I would love to do a PUSHING DAISIES mini-series on Starz,” Fuller says. “This would be a great way to wrap up the show properly. [We could] do six great episodes or even a PUSHING DAISIES movie. But I kind of like the idea of a Starz mini-series since they really embraced TORCHWOOD.”

But his latest announcement precludes either of these possibility, so what could it be? A movie seems logical.  It’s low-risk and has a good shot of reuniting the cast.  Or maybe something wholly different, like a novel.  Of course, there’s even the possibility of a new regular series.  Direct TV recently brought the sitcom Arrested Development back from the dead, and there are consistent rumors that the action-drama series Jericho could soon join it.  Will Pushing Daisies make three?

Or maybe it’s a cookbook focusing on pies, who the hell knows?


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