First Look At Mockingbird Lane

Comic Con 2012 gave us our first look at  Mockingbird Lane, the Bryan Fuller written and Bryan Singer directed remake of The Munsters.

We have previously heard that the costumes would be toned down from the original, and they weren’t kidding.

Herman Munster, here played by Jerry O’Connell, was originally a classic Frankenstein’s monster with a big forehead, green skin and bolts in his neck; now he’s just a guy in a suit.  Marilyn, by contrast, has retained the ’50s fashion sense, which makes her look out-of-place both with the Munsters and with the real world.

That aside, reports from the panel, which featured four minutes of raw footage, were positive.  Much of the design staff from Fuller and Singer’s previous collaboration, Pushing Daisies, were brought in on this show as well, giving it a similar, fanciful style; though Fuller promised that Mockingbird would have a darker tone.

The series hasn’t yet been picked up for series, but with this much hype, it’s unlikely that it won’t be.  If all goes well, it could hit the airwaves around mid-season.


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