S’More Entertainment – Just Go Out Of Business Already!

We’ve written before about S’More Entertainment, a new-comer to the anime business that has quickly distinguished itself as the worst in the industry.

It’s upcoming release of the classic series Galaxy Express 999 was already doomed because of its horrible specs, which include ten episodes crammed onto each disc and burned-in subtitles; but somehow, they’ve found a way to make it worse.

They just posted the cover art to their facebook page, with the caption (and I quote directly): ‘this lkooks to bethe outer cover for the first Galaxy Express 999 package.’  (given the spelling, maybe it’s good that they’re not subtitling this themselves).  But it gets worse.

Notice anything wrong with the cover?  I mean, besides the background being a blue sky, despite the series taking place in space?  How about the fact that it’s the wrong f*&king train!  The ‘Galaxy Express 999’ in the title is the name of the train the characters fly around in, and yet the incompetents at S’More somehow managed to get it wrong; cause apparently, the ‘444’ didn’t clue them in.

I used to wonder if they were incredibly cheap, or didn’t care.  Now it’s clear that they just don’t care.


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