Revolution’s Big Mystery

This fall will see the premiere of a new ‘big mystery’ series from Lost creator JJ Abrams.  Revolution posits a world in which anything that can store or produce electricity suddenly stops working.

In an interview with TV Line, the show’s producers, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and Iron Man director Jon Favreau tried to assuage fears that they would send viewers on a wild goose chase by suggesting that they did indeed have an explanation for the mystery, and even eliminating one possibility off the bat.

Kripke said, “There are a lot of things that would fry the grid—for instance, the answer on our show is not a solar storm.  There, hot off the presses! Ours is not a solar storm.”  Of course, that would have been the least interesting of all possible answers, and it would be hard to explain why that would be a mystery to anyone.

He then added that the actual solution would not be disappointingly stupid, “I had an answer that explains all the different facets – why the power went off, and why certain people are able to turn it back on — but of course that was coming from just a writer’s imagination.  So we brought in a physicist and asked him very specific questions – if this technology were possible, and if this happened and this happened, would such a thing be possible? And he said that it would, that it actually explains it and make sense.”  We’re heartened that he cares about scientific plausibility.  Nothing can ruin a sci-fi series faster than silly ‘magic’ science.


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