Blu Ray Review: Gundam Unicorn Volume Five

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unicorn

Volume Five

Bandai Visual

A black Gundam Unicorn enters the fray, and Bright Noa entrusts the future to the young, as he has done so many times in the past.

This installment of Gundam Unicorn is a little less lively than the last one.  It’s more plot-centric, and covers a shorter period of time.  It does, however, more the story forward in some significant ways, and we can see the various plot lines starting to come together.

Banagher’s idealism has taken a beating throughout the series.  His stark objection to war is constantly being challenged when people start shooting at him and those he cares about.  Failing to save the enemy pilot from herself at the end of volume four might have been the end of him; but it seems his optimism is starting to reach others, and that, in turn, emboldens him.

Bright Noa, seeing something in the boy that he once saw in Amuro Ray, decides to let him forge his own path.  Perhaps it is too late for the war-weary adults, who can not see, and don’t want, an end to the fighting.  But a child, naive enough to think that a war can end, may just be able to do it.

When asked about his time with the Neo Zeons, Banagher said that he did not see people as monolithic groups of friends of foes; but merely individuals capable of good or evil.  Bright puts his faith not only in the boy, but also in the would-be enemies led by Zimmerman, who had won Banagher’s loyalty.


Zimmerman himself is forced to hope for peace when his former daughter-figure pilot, Marida, re-enters the scene, brainwashed by the Federation.  Were it anyone else, he would accept her new role as enemy and kill her; but being who she is (and maybe having learned from Banagher), he tries to reach her instead.

The stand-out of the episode is Riddhe, the well-meaning Federation ensign with a crush on Mineva.  When Mineva rejects him, trusting in Banagher instead, he takes it rather poorly and sets himself up as a villain in future volumes.

This volume was not as philosophical as previous ones, but it had a lot of action and some solid character development.  The producers announced that the series was going to be extended by one episode, so there are now two left.  Events in volume five have left me very eager to see them.

Gundam Unicorn is available exclusively from Right Stuf.

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