The Daredevil That Never Was

Fox has only until early October to start production on a new Daredevil film, lest the rights to the character revert back to Marvel.

For a time, the studio was fast tracking a project from director Joe Carnahan (Narc, The Grey) that would see the Man without Fear transplanted to the Hell’s Kitchen of 1973; a much grittier take on the hero than was seen in the Ben Affleck headlined failure from 2003.

But it seems that project has died on the vine, and Fox has all but given up the ghost.  Not wanting his work to go to waste, Carnahan has decided to unleash the ‘sizzle reel’ he used to pitch his vision to Fox.

There was no new film shot for the clip; instead, it’s made up of a lot of scenes from other movies, a few from the aforementioned Affleck abortion, and some slow pans over panels from the comic.  Still, it gives you a good idea of where Carnahan was going, and it certainly looks better than the last Daredevil movie, weak praise that that is.


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