Julie Benz at Fan Expo 2012

Julie Benz, star of Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the upcoming Defiance, answered fan questions today during her Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2012.

When asked if her departure from Dexter was her choice, she quickly answered ‘no,’ before the fan had even finished asking.  She went on to say that she only found out a few days before they filmed her death scene, and that the crew didn’t find out until the moment of shooting.  She expressed sadness over leaving, but added that the fact that the show ‘doesn’t pull any punches’ is what makes it good.

In response to another question, she said that her first audition for Dexter did not go well, as she was seen as too ‘California’ by producers; so on the night before the call back, she drank a lot of red wine, and then the next morning she skipped her shower, wore no makeup, and dressed in worn-out sweatpants.  Apparently, producers did not even recognize her, but offered her the role on the spot.

There was one awkward moment when a fan asked a bizarre question about which of her characters she would like to have sex as in real life.  She tried her best to stifle the audience’s laughter so she could better decipher the fan’s question, but it was impossible and she commented on what it’s like to film a sex scene instead (it’s awkward, much like the question).

Other tidbits:

She can’t watch other vampire shows because they all have different rules, and “Joss’ vampires rule.”

She likes Jeopardy, but changes the channel when Wheel of Fortune comes on. (She bemoaned the fact that Wheel was the lead in to her short-lived series No Ordinary Family.)

In college, her acting teacher wrote in her report card that she had no future in the industry because her voice is too annoying.

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