John Rhys-Davies Does Not Like Sliders

John Rhys-Davies let loose a volley of criticism at the writers of the TV series Sliders, on which he played Prof. Maximilian Arturo, during his Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2012.

In particular, he bemoaned their lack of creativity, noting that the series featured episodes which ripped off (his words) the movies Tremors, Night of the Living Dead, and Twister.  He said that he once walked into the writers room to find them huddled around a TV watching a DVD of the movie Species and discussing which parts of it they could copy (this became the third season episode ‘The Breeder’).


He also said that the producer once told him about a scene in which the Sliders would have to walk across a bridge that was invisible until they stepped on it.  Rhys-Davies said that it sounded a lot like a movie he was in called Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The producer said that he had never seen it, and John replied, ‘you’re a producer on television, and you’ve never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?’

The next question from a fan was which episode of Sliders was his favorite.  Rhys-Davies said that the boy asking had some balls, then went into more criticism of the series, this time focusing on its scientific inaccuracies.  He was especially perturbed by the episode in which three pulsars enter the solar system and threaten the Earth.  He said that he tried explaining to the producers that pulsars are stars, and that having a second star, let alone three, entering the solar system would have serious consequences on the Earth beyond the radiation that the episode spoke of.  He went on to say that science is far too important to treat it so badly.

He finished by answering the fan’s question that his favorite episodes was the last one.

I should note that he was not a negative person; he was very jovial and boisterous throughout his talk, and he sure had fun tearing Sliders apart to the delight of the audience.

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