Amanda Tapping at Fan Expo 2012

Amanda Tapping, star of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Sanctuary presided over what was probably the most sedate and laid-back panel of Fan Expo 2012.

Fans asked questions, she thanked them, then the audience listened politely as she answered before applauding.  Must be because she’s Canadian.

Many of the audience’s comments had to do with her characters being such good role models for girls, as both Samantha Carter and Helen Magnus are strong, intelligent women in positions of command.  She told a story about her first costume test for Stargate SG-1, in which they wanted her to wear a tank top and push-up bra,  but she refused.

On the topic of the recently canceled Sanctuary, she said that had the show continued, the character of Nikola Tesla would have become more prominent.  He would have been an important part of the new Sanctuary, and his and Helen’s relationship would have taken on a ‘will they or won’t they’ dynamic with many ‘awkward moments.’

She said that SyFy only contributed 10% of the show’s budget, and thus, they did not exert a lot of control over them, except when it came to the ‘Sanctuary’ logo, which they changed against Tapping’s wishes.  This led Tapping to make an agree phone call to the powers that be at SyFy, after which she cried because she doesn’t like confrontation.  In the end, she lost, and SyFy got the logo they wanted.

Amongst the upcoming works she mentioned were Space Milkshake, a sci-fi comedy film which also stars Sanctuary‘s Robin Dunne; and the TV series Primeval: New World, for which she directed three episodes.

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