Saint Young Men Gets Anime Film

Kodansha’s Morning magazine has announced that its hit manga series Saint Young Men will be coming to Japanese theaters, in anime form.

The slice-of-life comedy series stars Jesus Christ and Buddha, who have come to the Earthly realm on a sort of vacation/retreat.  Together, they share a low rent apartment in Japan and deal with the wacky hi-jinks of modern life.  I wonder if Mohammad will make an appearance in the movie?

The magazine also announced that a one-shot OAV DVD (separate from the movie) would be included with the eighth volume of the manga.

Young Saint Men will be directed by Noriko Takao, who has thus far only done episodic television (Clannad); and written by Rika Nezu, whose previous credits are all in live action.  Animation production is by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Black Butler).

A similar theme was explored in 1997’s Hareluya Boy (Hallelujah Boy).  The 25  episode TV series followed the son of god, here called Hareluya, who is sent to Earth by his father to cure him of his rebellious ways; though the boy (who has the word ‘love’ tattooed on his knuckles) spends most of the series beating up thugs.


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