Blu Ray Review: Mirrors



Kiefer Sutherland stars as Ben Carson, a disgraced alcoholic former cop who now works as a security guard in the ruins of a department store which closed after a fire.

A fire caused indirectly by evil mirrors.



There’s a long tradition in horror movies of haunted (blank)s.  We’ve had houses, cars, dolls, bongs, etc.  This time around, it’s mirrors.  Of course, mirrors are no stranger to horror movies to begin with.  There’s a cliched scene in many films in which the protagonist looks into the mirrored door of a medicine cabinet, opens it to get something, then closes it and discovers that the reflection now shows a killer standing behind them.

Mirrors is sort of like that scene played over and over again.  But the effectiveness of that scene is largely dependent on its ability to surprise you (the ‘boo’ moment).  So, when you have an entire movie predicated on scary things popping up in mirrors, you tend to anticipate the scares before they happen; which makes them less scary.

Ben Carson (Sutherland) is pretty quick to catch on to the evil mirrors and proceeds to tell everyone he can think of about them; but, predictably, no one else believes him.  His wife in particular thinks he is going crazy, which only exacerbates their already strained relationship since she threw him out some time ago.  Luckily for Ben, she eventually comes into the fold, and their mutual opposition to killer mirrors rekindles their dying relationship.  There’s actually a scene in which they’re both painting over a mirror and then their brushes touch and they look into each other’s eyes.

The mirrors tell Ben to find someone named Esseker, and he does as he is told, despite the fact that the mirrors killed someone he cared about.  Speaking of which, the mirrors don’t really kill that many people.  They scare some people, and try to kill a few more; but they really aren’t that threatening when you get right down to it.  It’s a wonder that Ben didn’t try fighting back; like, by destroying all the mirrors in the department store.  That should have been the first thing he tried.  And even if that didn’t work; he could have at least covered them, or laid them face down. People in horror movies always make things worse than they need to be.

There’s nothing bad about Mirrors; it’s a well produced, big-budget horror movie with solid acting and special effects.  But there’s nothing great about it either.  It’s a standard ‘haunted object’ movie that dutifully checks off every cliche on the list as it heads towards the typical ‘twist’ ending.

The Blu Ray looks and sounds great, and includes a number of features and a picture in picture commentary.


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