Blu Ray Review: Hellraiser Hellseeker

Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Miramax/Echo Bridge

Trevor wakes up in the hospital following a car accident that claimed the life of his wife.

He doesn’t remember the accident, nor indeed much of anything.  In particular, he can’t figure out why every woman in his life suddenly wants to sleep with him.


‘Hellseeker’ is a lot like the previous Hellraiser film, ‘Inferno.’  Both are psychological thrillers in which a man is slowly driven insane as the people around him are killed off one by one.  Pinhead and the Cenobites are relegated to the background to such an extent that you can barely tell if they’re truly existent in the film’s world, or just a delusion.

Despite the similarities; ‘Hellseeker’ is better than the previous Hellraiser film, mostly due to its superior cast and production values. The kills are no more graphic this time around; but they don’t use terrible CGI, so at least they don’t rip you out of the moment.  The plot, though just as convoluted, at least makes some sense in the end; even if it doesn’t fill in all the missing details.

Dean Winters (30 Rock, Oz) plays Trevor.  Unlike the last film’s star, Winters finds the balance that lets the audience understand why he’s being tortured, without completely alienating them.  The amnesia sub-plot plays into this;  the Trevor we see in the movie is not the same one that was condemned. Thus, in a way, he is just as much a victim of himself as all the others he hurt were.

‘Hellseeker’ also features a cameo from the protagonist of the first two Hellraiser films, Kristy.  Apparently, after fighting so hard to escape the wrath of hell, she ended up with some jerk husband.  Nothing ever goes right for her.

There’s not much more to say.  It’s better than ‘Inferno,‘ but it’s also very similar.  You can read the review for that one, as most of my problems with it apply to this film as well.  It’s a weak horror film, but an okay serial killer mystery.

The Blu Ray, which contains four films on one disc, turned out fairly well.  Scenes with sufficient lighting look HD, and the dark scenes, though not as detailed, are clean and balanced.  There are, of course, no extras.


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