Boo! Mockingbird Lane Not Going To Series

NBC has decided not to pick up Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of the 1964 sitcom The Munsters, as an on-going series.

Instead, the recently filmed pilot starring Jerry O’Connell, Eddie Izzard, and Portia de Rossi, will air as a Halloween special in the last week of October.  Mockingbird Lane was created/written by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies ) and directed by Bryan Singer.

During a panel at Comic Con, Fuller described the series as a ‘darker’ version of Pushing Daisies, a whimsical series about a man who can resurrect the dead for a minute at a time, and uses that power to solve their murders.  Daisies, like Fuller’s other works (Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me) was famous for its fairytale-like visuals and lyrical narrative.

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Report published a story saying that the series was dead in the water.  Fuller denied the story on twitter, promising an announcement shortly.  Last night he followed up by tweeting a simple ‘#Mockingbirdlane LIVES!’  Of course, while a nice consolation, this probably isn’t the announcement Fuller’s fans were hoping for when he reject the THR story.

Despite losing this series, Bryan Fuller is still working with NBC; he’s the show runner for their Silence of  the Lambs TV series, Hannibal.  He also has a pilot in development at SyFy called High Moon, based on the young adult novel The Lotus Eaters.


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