Blu Ray Review: Wrong Turn 3 – Left For Dead

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead


Wrong Turn 3 tosses out the cast of sexy 20-somethings in favor of a bus full of hardened criminals.  Do experienced killers fare any better against the family of mutant cannibal hillbillies?

Not particularly.



Well, we don’t lose the 20-somethings entirely.  The film opens with four of them on a river rafting trip.  They stop on the shore so one of the women can take her top of to provide the requisite nudity, and are then set upon by three-finger.  Did you know that the mutants had names?  They do, or at least designations.

Three-finger is the only survivor of the original group of three, which also included one-eye and saw-tooth.  In the second movie they added Ma and Pa; as well as the two kids (I’m not sure what they were called; perhaps they have to develop some physical injury before they can be named after it.

Anyway, after the rafting kids, we cut to a prison, which is planning to send a high-profile mob boss to another prison, by way of a secret bus route (guess where) in the middle of the night.  Given how important the mission is, I’m not sure why they throw a bunch of other cons on the bus as well; but what kind of a movie would it be if they didn’t?

The bus is run off the road by our favorite mutant, and the prisoners plus the guards are forced to trek through the woods in search of help, all while avoiding their hunters.  And if that’s not a high-enough concept for you; the gang also just happens across an armored truck filled with sacks of money!  So now, they aren’t just fighting for their lives, but also cold hard cash.

The crime-drama subplot of Wrong Turn 3 isn’t all the successful.  The main reason is that it’s just so silly and dependent on ridiculous happenstance.  There’s nothing intriguing or dramatic about it.  The other reason is, if you want to have multiple threats in a horror movie; they have to be relatively equal, or else one of them will just appear completely lame.  The criminals are nothing compared to the mutant, and so they fall limp.

There are some gory kills, though this series is getting decreasingly realistic with each new entry.  The characters are uninteresting to the point that they actually detract from the effectiveness of the rest of the film.  I mean, you really just don’t care what happens to these people.

Near the beginning of the film, the two guards talk about another film called The Star Chamber.  I looked it up and it sounds interesting; so I guess this movie wasn’t a total waste of time.

Video and audio are fine, though it takes place mostly in the darkened woods, so there’s an inherent dullness to it.


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