Blu Ray Review: Wrong Turn 4 – Bloody Beginnings

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings


The Glensville Sanatorium is filled to capacity with inbred Appalachian hillbillies, of which the three mutant cannibals we followed through the previous Wrong Turn films are not aberrations, but merely noteworthy cases.

You get the impression that the makers of these movies kind of hate West Virginia.



Six beautiful college girls (and a few douche-baggy men that I didn’t bother to count).  Set out on snowmobiles for a cabin in the woods in which they were to spend their vacation.  But things go bad when they make a wrong turn (get it?) and end up at a dilapidated sanatorium, isolated from civilization and still housing three former inmates.

If there’s one thing that stands out about this movie, it’s the unrelenting stupidity of the protagonists.  They’re the kind of people who, when being chased by super-human mutants, lock themselves in an indefensible office; when they have an opportunity to end the problem decisively, they choose not to; and when they’re being stalked through hallways or in the woods, they scream each other’s names as loudly as they can.  In short, these people deserve to die.

It’s a sharp contrast to the first Wrong Turn, or even the second, which featured a cast of relatively intelligent people who took sensible (if not always effective) steps to insure their survival.  You have to question the writer that needs his or her characters to do something idiotic to move the plot forward.

The problem with youth-based horror is that youth are almost always unbearably annoying.  Wrong Turn 4 is no exception to this rule, though thankfully, they seem to be killed off in the order of their annoyingness, the most annoying being first.

The change of setting from the woods to an old hospital worked very well to reinvigorate the tired franchise.  The enclosed space and dark hallways add a little tension to this film which was severely lacking in the last one.  It’s quite gory as well, though its occasionally marred with attempted humor.

Also an improvement over the third film is the cast; whom, as dumb as they are, are not universally unlikable.  The biggest issue is that there’s very little to differentiate any of them; except for the lesbian couple who set themselves apart by providing a few lesbian sex scenes.  The shorter of the two is arguably the smartest of the bunch.  She’s in favor of simply leaving after the first attack (what a thought), and when one of their friends is being loudly tortured, she argues against going after him on the grounds that its an obvious trap.  Of course, the others sneer at her for being so cowardly.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings is better than the third film in the series; and possibly better, or at least on par, with the second (weaker characters, but with a fun setting and quick pace).  If you have enjoyed the series so far, you should like this one as well.

The Blu Ray looks and sounds great; the snowy outdoors look especially nice.  The disc includes a commentary and a few features.


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