G4 Cancels Attack of the Show, X-Play

Attack of the Show, G4’s daily news/interview show for all things nerdy has just been canceled by the network as it seeks to re-brand itself next year.

Attack of the Show, which has been hosted over the years by Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood, Olivia Munn, and Alison Haislip, has aired about 1700 episodes, including extensive coverage of Comic Con and E3; it will continue to air new content through the end of 2012.

G4 was formed in 2004, by the merger of the video game channel G4, and the technology channel TechTV.  Several shows were taken from each channel’s lineup, including a ‘hip’ (by TechTV standards) technology news show called The Screen Savers.  In 2005, as G4 continued retool its image, Screen Savers was eventually reformatted as Attack of the Show, adding pop-culture news and its now-iconic sexy female hosts.  It seems that the series has been doomed by the same corporate meddling that created it.

Long-time co-host Kevin Pereira left the series in May of this year, and the series has been led by permanent host Candace Bailey (who joined the series in 2011 after the departure of Olivia Munn) and a series of guest hosts ever since.

X-Play, a video game news and review series, was the only TechTV series to make it through the merger unscathed.  Host Adam Sessler, who started with the show in 2003, led the series through most of it 1300 episode run, even being promoted to editor-in-chief of G4’s game content in 2008; but in April of this year he was unceremoniously removed from the series and the network as a whole, following a contract dispute (though the exact details are a mystery).  Co-host Morgan Webb continued hosting the series with contributor Blair Herter.

Sessler is set to be a judge on a new SyFy series premiering October 30th called Viral Video Showdown, which is produced and hosted by Kevin Pereira.

Both Attack of the Show and X-Play will air a number of retrospective segments over the next two months, looking back at their long history and bringing back old co-hosts (though I wouldn’t expect Sessler to show up).

The current rumor is that G4 is re-branding itself as a more ‘sophisticated’ network for men (which may or may not be called G4Men).  Their plans includes a possible partnership with Esquire Magazine.


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