Wolverine Set Pics Reveal Ninjas in a Winter Wonderland.

Wolverine is currently filming in Australia, though the story is set in Japan, which isn’t that far from Australia, so what the hell?

Anyway, Hugh Jackman is back, with both claws and muttonchops extended and at the ready.

The movie is set post-X-Men trilogy (which would also, by necessity, place it after the prequels which were produced following it, X-Men: First Class, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and sees a lone Wolverine fighting for righteousness in Japan.  It’s based on  a much-loved four issue Wolverine mini-series from 1982 written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller.

The director, James Mangold, is doing his best to distance this Wolverine movie from the last one, X-Men: Origins; promising a much darker, and more serious take on the Canadian anti-hero.


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