Europa Report Viral Videos

Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, is one of the prime candidates scientists are considering in their search for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.  This is because of the presence of water; which, in our experience, is necessary for life.  While it’s solid ice on the surface (and for some ways down), there’s evidence of a liquid ocean layer beneath.


A new film, Europa Report, exploits this tantalizing possibility for what looks like a astronaut-based horror movie (presumably, the life there isn’t all that nice).  The producers have released two clips which don’t tell us much about the plot, but seem to suggest the film will be comprised of ‘found footage,’ like Cloverfield or Blair Witch.  It sort of has a Danny Boyle’s Sunshine vibe to it; hopefully it will turn out just as good.

There’s no release plan for the film yet.  These videos are likely an attempt to drum up interest; did they work for you?


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