Riddick Returns with a Hard ‘R’

Richard B. Riddick, Vin Diesel’s signature sci-fi antihero character, is set to return for a third film outing, despite the overwhelming lack of interest moviegoers expressed for the previous two.

The first, 2000’s Pitch Black, was a low-budget affair, costing $23 million and pulling in a respectable, though not astounding, $53 million.  The followup, 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick, cost about $110 million and just about broke even.

Next year will see the release of the third film (not including the direct-to-video animated adventure ‘Dark Fury’).  With the curtly titled ‘Riddick,’ Diesel and director David Twohy hope to address criticism of the PG-13 rated Chronicles by going for a hard R.  That, coupled with the reduced budget of $38 million implies that Universal Pictures is targeting this film squarely at the small cult of Riddick fans that have apparently made the Blu Ray and DVD of Chronicles a moderate success.

As for what is being done differently to make this film worthy of the ‘restricted’ label, new co-star Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), told the website Collider:

“There’s a [$#@!-load of blood and there’s little pieces of nudity, here and there. There’s my nudity too, but it’s side boob, for three to five seconds. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s mostly for the language. My character and Matt Nable’s character say f**k, like every other word. It’s kind of fantastic, actually. He must have said f**k 15 times, in every single scene. It’s pretty awesome. So, it’s mostly for language.”

Is the promise of Sackhoff’s side boob enough to fill theater seats?  If you’d like a preview, she and fellow Battlestar Galactica star Tricia Helfer have published a calendar for their charity, Acting Outlaws, which features some near-nudity from the two.


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