Last Resort and 666 Park Ave to Get Quickie Endings

ABC has canceled rookie series Last Resort and 666 Park Ave.  Luckily for viewers, the network will air all of the thirteen episodes initially ordered for both series.  Even luckier is the fact that news of the cancellation came before the completion of the final episodes, allowing creators to give the shows some sort of resolution, rushed as they may be.

Last Resort, about an American nuclear sub that goes rouge after refusing a suspicious order to nuke Pakistan, had built up a rather complicated mythology involving a conspiracy within the U.S. government, a secret CIA mission, and the warlord of the island on which the sub takes refuge.


Creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield) told TV Line that they “have time to tweak” the final episode to make it a full-fledged series finale.  Hopefully that pans out.

666 Park Ave, about a mysterious, upscale apartment building which may or may not be run by Satan, is facing the same fate; but producers David Wilcox and Matt Millar remain upbeat.  They say that their series “is building to a powerful and surprising series finale, where all your questions will be answered. We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane and Henry’s incredible journey to the dark side.”



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