WLN Holiday Gift Guide Part One: Anime Merchandise

The range of anime merchandise available in Japan far exceeds the selection of t-shirts and posters we find over here.  For instance, here are some Tiger & Bunny themed reed diffusers, for those who love anime almost as much as they love Bed Bath and Beyond.

Sadly, they’re sold out, but here’s a list of some other things you can get for the anime fan who has everything.





Speaking of Tiger & Bunny, here’s a gift for the fashion conscious anime fan, a high quality replica of Kotetsu’s Hunting Cap.  It’s great for cosplay, but still nice (and discreet) enough to wear around town.

Right now it’s about $45 on





This one is actually a magazine, but it comes with some neat extras that are worth the cover price by themselves.  Chief among them is an Evangelion reusable bag featuring a Lance of Longinus pattern.  It also include what I think are a button with Mari holding a cat and temporary tattoos with various logos from the series.

The magazine is about $17 at Hobby Link Japan.





Here’s something for the anime fan that likes to entertain.  A silicon ice tray for making anime character shaped ice cubes.  This one features super-deformed versions of One Piece‘s protagonists, but they also have Naruto, Evangelion, and Star Wars trays available (check of the Han Solo in carbonite one).

This one’s about $9 from Hobby Link Japan.



This is a neck strap (lanyard) sporting characters from Key’s (Clannad, Angel Beats) newest hit anime series, Little Busters.

It’s perfect for holding your cellphone, key, magic amulet, or your name tag at the next convention.

You can have it for about $8 on




When you watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, did you have an uncontrollable urge to punch Kyubei, the manipulative cat/rabbit from space, in the face?  Well, now you can, with the inflatable Punching Kyubei.

It’s a little over $20 at Hobby Link Japan.




No list of anime merchandise is complete without mentioning the 3D Mouse Pad.  It’s a mouse pad with a raised cushion on which the user rests his or her wrist.  A few years ago, someone had the idea to print female anime characters on them and have the cushion correspond to a part of their anatomy.  Normally they use the cleavage, but this one, featuring the character Mio Isurugi from MM! goes another way, which you have to respect.

It’s $40 at Hobby Link Japan.


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