Two Magnetos and Xaviers For X-Men Sequel

Director Bryan Singer has just announced via twitter that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have joined the cast of the X-Men: First Class sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  They will be reprising the roles of Magneto and Professor X that they played in the X-Men trilogy (the first two of which were directed by Singer).

So, what does this mean for Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, who took on those characters in First Class?


Well, Days of Future Past is based on a famous story arc from the X-Men comic series in which Kitty Pryde’s (who was played by Ellen Page in X-Men 3) consciousness is sent back from the future to her younger self.  There, she enlists the X-Men of the past in a mission to prevent some horrible event that will cause mass anti-mutant hysteria resulting in mutants being rounded up in internment camps and executed.  Presumably, this means we’ll see Stewart and McKellen as the Xavier and Magneto of today communicating with their younger selves in the late ’60s for a similar purpose.

First Class featured a brief cameo by Hugh Jackman, returning to the role of Wolverine he originated in the X-Men trilogy, so this won’t be the first cross-over between the two iterations.


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