DVD Review: Invsion of the Bee Girls

Invasion of the Bee Girls


Male scientists at a government research lab are turning up naked and dead.  The coroner attributes their deaths to ‘sexual exhaustion.’





The majority of this review will consist of a description of one particular scene.  Firstly, because it is presented in real-time and takes up eight (or ten, if you include the partial second scene) of the film’s eighty-five minute length.  And second, because it is the only interesting thing about the movie.  If this scene doesn’t appeal to you, there’s no reason to concern yourself with the rest of it.

The scene starts in the bee girls’ lab.  All the bee girls are wearing those really big sunglasses that seem to be all the rage these days (though the film is from 1973), and short lab coats with apparently nothing underneath.   The queen stands off to the side while the others surround a woman in a flower print dress (I don’t know if it was intentional to have the bees swarm a flower, or if that’s just what the actress happened to wear that day).  She’s poked in the neck by a bee-shaped pin laced with some sort of mild sedative.

The bees then take the woman’s clothes off and put her in front of a over-sized ray gun right out of a ’50s sci-fi movie.  The queen starts pushing buttons and levers on a wall-sized computer that must be out of that same film.  Once the lights stop flashing, the bee girls bring out buckets of white viscus liquid, which they proceed to smear all over the woman’s body.  This is depicted in a fairly exploitative  and detailed way (by 1973 standards), which I’m sure offers insight into the secret fetishes of this films writer and/or director.

The woman is put into a box, into which a swarm of actual bees is introduced.  They cover the woman for a time, and then depart.  The bee girls remove the woman and tear the now-solidified goo off her body to reveal that she looks the same, except now she has giant black pupils.  The queen approaches the new bee girl and kisses her.

Now here’s where it gets weird:  The scene ends with all the other bee girls ripping open their lab coats and rubbing their hands over their own bodies while they watch the new bee girl flipping her hair.  And that’s it.  That’s the best thing about this film.

The rest of the movie is dull.  A government agent name Neil is sent to investigate the deaths, and he hooks up with the research lab’s librarian for some reason.  The agent inexplicably manages to deduce that a mutant bee woman is responsible, despite a complete lack of evidence.  The film ends with town sheriff saying that he doesn’t understand the queen’s motives, which the librarian explains in an incredibly unsatisfactory way.

The entire movie is a lazy delivery capsule for lab scene I described, so whether or not you should see it depends on how good that scene sounds to you.

The DVD is double sided.  Bee Girls is presented in widescreen, but with an older, washed-out print.


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