Who is Who’s Clara Oswin Oswald?

Jenna-Louise ColemanJenna Louise Coleman made what was supposed to be her first official appearance as the Doctor’s new companion on last night’s Doctor Who Christmas special, ‘The Snowmen,’ but was it actually her second?


Coleman technically made her Doctor Who debut during the seventh series premiere, ‘Asylum of the Daleks,’ playing a stranded astronaut named Oswin Oswald, though she was not seen by the Doctor, only the audience.

It was later announced that the character she would play in the Christmas special was named Clara; suggesting that the two girls she had played were different characters; but as it was revealed in ‘The Snowmen,’ Clara’s full name is, in fact, Clara Oswin Oswald.  The two characters are connected, though we don’t yet know how.

And if that wasn’t enough, it turns out that the Clara we met in Victorian times is not the Clara that will be traveling with the Doctor.  The episode ended with a brief glimpse of a modern-day Clara, whom I imagine will take over full time in the next episode, unless Clara is going to pull a Kenny from South Park and die in every episode.  (As an aside, it’s kind of disappointing that the Victorian Clara was not the new companion, since it would have been a nice change of pace).

Any way, it seems that the question of why this girl with the same name keeps being reborn in different times throughout history will be the new grand mystery to replace the now resolved origin of River Song.


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